Set Fire to the Stars is a playful, humorous and moving snapshot of one of the world’s most beloved poets. In 1950, John Brinnin invited the highly acclaimed and infamous Welshman Dylan Thomas to New York for a series of poetry readings, touring around the most prestigious college campuses of the United States. Ignoring persistent rumours of Thomas’ frivolities back home, Brinnin has his hands full when the poet arrives on US shores. Desperate to get his watchful university chaplains off his back, Brinnin takes Thomas to his family retreat in the woods of Connecticut. But even in the middle of nowhere, the resourceful and cantankerous Thomas finds an audience for his art, his passion, love and aggression.


Shot stunningly in Black and White, Set Fire to the Stars invites the audience to spend a week with the force of nature that is Dylan Thomas, brought to life beautifully by Goddard’s deft direction and exceptional performances by Celyn Jones and Elijah Wood.